If Parkinson’s is trying to knock you down Stay on your feet there may be many blows coming your way there is a big Parkinson’s community out there for friendship and support as i know reach out there will be people only to happy to help you understand your journey its easier with friends Stay Strong 💪 and keeping fighting 💪



8th 2021

Fighting Back

Hi 👋 trying to clear my mind of negative thoughts I have been finding it hard.
Some days I am great but yesterday I lost something I got really upset my stress levels went through the roof usually I am calm take things in my stride but I felt I wasn’t in control I was in a state I have never felt emotions like that before I got angry at me self dementia has changed who I am fighting hard to maintain who I am cause yesterday my heart was racing my angry levels were rising.
And top it all I lost my balance on the bus this morning going to work and fell over before I could sit down I was truly mortavade and embarrassed when two people rushed over to see if I was all right this morning and yesterday to I felt like an old man in a young man’s body 🙃 but me being me I didn’t tell my wife I had fell because she is really stressed since I have been diagnosed with dementia I don’t want to worry her.
But on the bright side if you can call it a bright side I am in to writing at the moment gets my feelings out I pick my self up literally and keep on moving forward that was me before be diagnosed with the conditions I have got the the knack of brushing things off I have more bad day now not with my movements but with my mental health I get upset for a few hours sometimes a few day but eventually I get back to the positive me who I was before diagnoses I intend too remain that way as much as possible. It might knock my down but I will fight and keep getting up that has always been what I have done thourgh out my life and Parkinson’s/Dementia will never take that away from me cause that’s who I am a fighter Parkinson’s/Dementia will never knock me out I am in the early rounds the fight has a long way to go until the final bell 🔔rings I will keep picking my self up tomorrow is an other day full of promise loads still to look forward too ding ding round one 😆

Date 5th August 2021
William Brown

Watch “Citizen Soldier – Stronger Than My Storm (Official Lyric Video)” on YouTube

The lyrics of this song
Touched a nerve
Trying to lift my self up.
The journey I am on is hard but you know that already because you are on the same Journey. Group song for both of my groups.
TO INSPIRE those that are feeling low yes I count my self in that reach out to the group never feel alone or isolated the truth is you are never alone in Parkinson’s community.
There is so many marvellous support group out there Parkinson’s UK.
Supporting minds there’s to many to mention.
If you need help ask for it don’t build everything up it can lead to other problems seek help.
May be you need to hit rock bottom before you seek help I intend to get help before that happens.
Support is there the hardest part is asking for it.
Mental Health.
Very important
To deal with the complex issues
That we deal with on a daily basis
Stay strong 💪

Parkinson’s disease and the many symptoms

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We will undertake a unifying challenge in September 2021, (postponed date due to Covid) to highlight and support the future of neurotrophic factor therapies as they have the potential to slow, stop or reverse the progression of Parkinson’s and urgently require more funding to continue research. Pledge your support by sponsoring a team below, read their story and add to their pot. Each team will be supporting one of the 3 nominated Charities; Parkinson’s Uk, Funding Neuro or Cure Parkinson’s

42 individuals or teams – including many of the GDNF Phase 2 trial participants, their teams and/or representatives of the Parkinson’s charities who funded the trial – will each run, cycle, walk or hike a total of 100 miles over 10 days.

The Background – The 42 trial participants were willing to submit to ground-breaking clinical trials in from 2013 – 2017 involving invasive brain surgery and infusions of a specific neurotrophic factor, GDNF; an amazing and inspirational experience highlighted in the double award-winning BBC documentary “The Parkinson’s Drug Trial – A Miracle Cure?”. Since then they have sought to put the spotlight on their belief that the treatment worked. To that end the GDNF Participant group, which represents a large number of the brave volunteers, wish to unite with Parkinson’s charities and other organisations to help realise the potential of neurotrophic factors to unlock Parkinson’s.

The Aims – The Challenge will bring people and organisations together, to raise awareness of and urgency for the need for a cure and put people affected by Parkinson’s truly at the centre of trial design. The Challenge will also raise funds to progress research and trials into the beneficial effects of neurotrophic factors, increasingly seen by science as having the potential for a cure.

The Charities – The three Parkinson’s charities who funded the Bristol based trial have stepped up to the Challenge and are themselves putting forward individuals and/or teams to join the other entrants. Parkinson’s UK, Cure Parkinsons and Funding Neuro are each aiming for the common goal of 100 miles in the ten days. These charities remain involved in investigating, testing and trialling the effect of neurotrophic factors on Parkinson’s, raising awareness of their potential for cure and placing urgency to eliminate Parkinson’s at the heart of their organisation’s

Thanks William